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zJenyuh----ruled by zDarya and zJenna

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Z [May. 11th, 2005|08:01 pm]
zJenyuh----ruled by zDarya and zJenna
Type "Z?" in the subject line.
NAME: Nichola
AGE: 12
SEX: lady
CREDIT CARD #: "how I yearn to shed the shackles of adolescence" And get one
Are you bespectacled? If not, do you wish you were? I'm not, but I wish I had contacts that were VERY blue
What skills do you possess (what can you contribute to our country)?: Anything you want me to do I will! I have a lot of talants, like acting and political stuff, and animal rights, and I have baton twirling skills!
Are you willing to put a silent Z in front of your name?: Oh just the thought of it surges a wonderful sensation through my body...Znichola
Favorite movies?: Donnie Darko, Zoolander, The notebook! (just kidding Jenna), grease...
music?: clash, frou-frou, vagenius, bright eyes (sad mood), the hollies, the beatles, acdc, Brendon Benson, AHH I CAN'T THINK...musicals, other good stuff.
Are you a vegetarian?: I am!
Do you beleive in the ethical treatment of animals and/or people?: I do, I don't believe in hurting anything with feelings, its just very wrong.
What about the country of Zjenya (silent z) appeals to you?: It just feels special, and I've always wanted to be part of a cool country!
Why should we grant you citizenship?: Because I would cry if I wasn't, and there would always be an akward silence between me and Jenna. Also I will be a fun person to have in it!

From: retropoledancer
2005-05-12 04:01 am (UTC)


ok! haha
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